Cast of "Storage Wars"

STORAGE WARS Intro’d Mavrick A New Auction Bidder, Thumbs Up or Down?

STORAGE WARS is spreading the love among new additions to its cast of characters. Mary Padian has moved her talents to So Cal on a regular basis and last night we were introduced to Mavrick (that’s how he spells it), a man with half his face covered in tattoos, in addition to the ink on … Read more

STORAGE WARS: Rat Poo, Heat And Cheap Lockers in Montebello

STORAGE WARS aired two new episodes last night and it was full of Rene Nezhoda v. Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets action. In a nice change of pace cheap lockers dominated with great results. Dave Hester not only didn’t buy anything but also moved over for the Sheets boys to gang up on Rene who fights … Read more

Mary Padian Intimidated? STORAGE WARS Goes to Palm Springs Tonight

STORAGE WARS is all new tonight on A&E and in the episode “Gambler of Thrones” the big guy battle of Darrell vs. Rene is renewed. Have you seen the “new” Darrell Sheets, who has slimmed down from his top weight of a year ago. It’s not what you would call svelte, but there’s less of … Read more

Dave Hester

STORAGE WARS Season 6 Finale: Dave Hester’s Last Stand?

STORAGE WARS airs a season finale tonight and A&E promises fireworks between Dave Hester and Darrell Sheets. The episode titled “Hestered in the Highlands” features an “unbelievable bid”, according to the network and depending on your view of Mr. “YUUUP” the last part of the season was either great or horrible. Season six of STORAGE … Read more

STORAGE WARS Preview: Dave Hester Faces Dan Dotson (VIDEO)

Dave Hester is back for his second STORAGE WARS appearance of the┬ánew season and this time, as you’ll see from the video clip posted below, he’s got to deal with the return of Dan Dotson Last week, Hester arrived and immediately took advantage of Laura, who was working the auction alone. Dave began to trash … Read more