Adam O'Rourke

THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER: Can Former Rocker Adam O’Rourke Reboot, Find Love?

THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER continues its celebrity-filled season tonight on Bravo with Patti Stanger as she welcomes Adam O’Rourke of the band 2Cents, now a businessman and Latina TV host Julissa Bermudez. During her intake interview with him, Stanger gets charmed by O’Rourke who seems to have studied Stanger’s playbook of phrases and advice. As you’d expect, … Read more

Interview With MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER’S David Cruz: Cupid’s Best Friend

David Cruz makes watching Bravo’s MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER a treat and February is his month. Valentine’s Day puts the focus on love and couples, right in David’s wheelhouse. He’s become a multi-media Cupid, with a book, his website along with radio and TV work. In his second season on MATCHMAKER, Cruz adds that little something to … Read more

Stephanie Pratt

MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER Preview: Patti Stanger Tackles Bad Boy Habits and Runaway Bride

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have a confab with Patti Stanger on tonight’s new THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER about Spencer’s sister Stephanie. She’s beautiful and successful, but Speidi ARE NOT HAPPY with her dating choices.  It’s time for a serious relationship or one that lasts longer than six months, which means Stephanie has to go against … Read more

Patti Stanger, Melyssa Ford

MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER Review: More Fun, Less Tension in Season 8 Premiere

The season 8 premiere of THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER, titled “Larry Birkhead and Melyssa Ford” introduced a new format that made the program seem fresh and more upbeat. Even Patti looked like she was having a great time. David Cruz is still around, now elevated to Director of Matchmaking and new addition Candace Smith has been … Read more

Melyssa Ford

Preview MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER Season 8 Premiere: Shy Guy and Vixen

MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER returns for Season 8 at a special time, this Sunday December 7 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. Patti Stanger reshuffled her matchmaking staff again, keeping only David Cruz from last year’s crew. Cruz now has the title of Director of Matchmaking with newbie Candace Smith as Director of Recruiting. Speaking of reshuffling, Bravo … Read more