Holly P of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

‘DCC: Making the Team’ Season 12: Who’s Fraternizing With Players? (VIDEO)

Updated: We know Holly wasn’t cut at the end of the episode, but what about this week? Kelli doesn’t trust her, right?  “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” continues tonight on CMT with the Season 12 training camp cutdown process. Last week Celinda was told, “I’m sorry, this will be your last night”, by Kelli … Read more

‘DCC: Making the Team’ Recap: Kelli Saw Enough, Another Rookie Cut After Week 3, Season 12

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” kicked off its latest episode with a workshop run by Melissa Rycroft, former DCC and of course, a big hit on “DWTS”. Melissa’s job was to try to get the rookies to understand the showmanship that’s necessary when performing. We’ve heard Judy and Kelli talk about being “noticed”. It’s Melissa’s … Read more

DCC: Making the Team, practicing jump splits

‘DCC: Making the Team’ Preview: Season 12 ‘s Media Training and Brianna’s Put On Notice (VIDEO)

“DCC: Making The Team” Season 12 saw its first training camp cut last week. Rookie Erin was told she needed work to learn the DCC style. She had the skills, Kelli told her, but had to learn the power moves that stand out on that big field at AT&T Stadium. Recap, here.  On the hot … Read more

Director Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Kelli Finglass speaks at season 12 auditions

‘DCC: Making the Team’ Recap Season 12 Premiere: Kelli Loved Madisyn’s Dancing, But that Look…

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” began the long slog to pick the 2017 squad with much pomp and circumstance. The usual cast of characters was in attendance to judge the auditions and as always, there were head-scratching performances alongside stellar ones. There were familiar faces among the hopefuls, women who got only so far … Read more