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CEDAR COVE: Will Jack’s New Job in Seattle Be Too Much for His Relationship with Olivia? (Video Sneak Peek)

Fans of Hallmark Channel hit series CEDAR COVE have been closely following the developing relationship between Olivia and Paul; could their friendship turn into something that bumps Jack out of the picture? But last week, Paul made his first foray into dating in Cedar Cove–at Olivia’s urging. Does it really mean anything, especially now that … Read more

CEDAR COVE: Will Olivia Lose Faith in Jack When She Uncovers His Lies? (Video Sneak Peek)

CEDAR COVE is winding down to the Season Finale, but this week the biggest concern could be Jack and Olivia’s relationship:  Could it be winding down, as well? It has taken time for Olivia to get back into dating, get back into life, after losing her own son and subsequently having her relationship fall apart. … Read more

CEDAR COVE Is Bursting with ‘Secrets and Lies’ on Tonight’s All-New Episode! (Video Preview)

You just cannot help some people, as Olivia may find out tonight on Hallmark Channel’s original hit series, CEDAR COVE. Things have not been smooth sailing between Olivia and and the ambitious assistant district attorney Rebecca from the start, but, if she is anything, Olivia is always willing to give someone a chance to change. … Read more