Diesel Brothers, Discovery Channel, Motor Mondays

DIESEL BROTHERS: Will an Import from Sweden Be Just What Puts a Trade-Show Build Over-the-Top Tonight? (Video)

What would you do with a brand-new diesel truck? Someone will be able to answer that question soon on DIESEL BROTHERS, and tonight on Discovery Channel Motor Monday, fans will continue down the giveaway path for the 12-valve, quad cab Dodge. The DieselSellerz are featured on Discovery Channel’s latest Motor Mondays hit, DIESEL BROTHERS. Fans … Read more

DIESEL BROTHERS, Discovery Channel, Diesel Dave & Heavy D

DIESEL BROTHERS Recap: The Muscle Rocks the El Camino Build, Proving Heavy D $50K Wrong!

Last night on Motor Monday, new fan-favorite series DIESEL BROTHERS kept up the good work on Discovery Channel, continuing their unusual build vision with an El Camino and finding a new giveaway build in the form of a Ford F-650. Fans can go to the DieselSellerz website for more info on how to enter to … Read more

DIESEL BROTHERS, Discovery Channel, Diesel Dave & Heavy D

DIESEL BROTHERS: Tonight Heavy D & Diesel Dave Decide on Next Giveaway Project, a Ford F650!

UPDATED: Recap this Episode! DIESEL BROTHERS exploded onto Discovery Channel’s Motor Mondays recently, and fans have been wanting more ever since. The show stars Heavy D and Diesel Dave as the owner and face of DieselSellerz, respectively.  Fans of the show have immediately found the fun in DIESEL BROTHERS, enjoying watching not only their for … Read more

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DIESEL BROTHERS Video Preview: Can the Fiery Duramax Build Be Saved Tonight on Motor Monday?

UPDATED: Recap this Episode! Last week on Discovery Channel, the new Motor Mondays series DIESEL BROTHERS premiered–to a really great viewer response. Will fans come back this week for a second round with Heavy D and Diesel Dave? We think so! Heavy D and Diesel Dave are the owner and face of DieselSellerz.com, respectively. One … Read more

Heavy D and Muscle having a two-wheel competition. Diesel Brothers, Discovery Channel.

DIESEL BROTHERS Heavy D & Diesel Dave Coming to Motor Mondays on Discovery!

UPDATED: Recap the Season Premiere! The holiday season will come to a close soon, and the new TV year will be upon us; what then? Fans of Discovery Channel’s Motor Mondays are always open to the next cool car thing, and in January, the DIESEL BROTHERS are coming to Monday Mondays, with Heavy D, Diesel … Read more