Dr. Nowzaradan

MY 600 Lb LIFE Preview: Teretha Needed 9 Men To Lift Her For Trip To Houston (VIDEO)

Tonight on the next installment of MY 600 Lb LIFE, we get the story of Teretha, who is bedridden and weighs more than 700 lbs. She’s a former representative of Detroit’s healthy-eating program, but the loss of her job led her into depression, turning to food for comfort. As is typical of these cases, there … Read more

Gideon, on "My 600 lb. life"

MY 600 LB. LIFE Gideon’s Story: Drowning in Guilt At 649.9 Lbs, Did He Fight To Save His Family?

On the latest installment of TLC’s MY 600 LB. LIFE we met Gideon, a man who reached 649.9 lbs. and could not stop eating. He has a lovely wife and a step-son he treasures. After the loss of every person in his immediate family, they are his life line and only source of support and love. … Read more

Dottie and her husband on "My 600 lbs. Life"

MY 600 LB. LIFE Dottie’s Story: Two Kids Needed Mom To Survive, Stop The Excuses

Updated: Dottie’s second year marked by tragedy on “Where Are They Now?” MY 600 LB. LIFE presented the story of Dottie, who lives in Mississippi with her husband and two children, and reached 641 lbs. before she went to see Dr. Nowzaradan. The older of her two sons lives with Cerebral Palsy and needs constant … Read more

Nikki on "My 600 Lb Life"

MY 600 LB LIFE Season 4 Premiere Recap: Nikki Heals Her Body And Mind With Will and Spirit

During “Nikki’s Story”, the season four premiere of MY 600 LB LIFE on TLC, we got one of the best examples of the power of the human will and spirit. Typically, when a patient is accepted into Dr. Nowzaradan’s program, they are asked to prove they can change their eating behavior by losing weight before … Read more

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan

Marla’s Story On MY 600-LB LIFE: Desperate To Stand After Years in Bed (VIDEO)

MY 600-LB LIFE presents the story of Marla, tonight on its season 3 finale and we get to see something quite unusual for the show. Dr. Nowzaradan makes a house call to see Marla. He wants her to demonstrate she has the will to save her life. Unable to get out of bed for years, … Read more