Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor on "The Royals"

‘The Royals’ Preview: Does Boone Have Dirt On Robert, As Jasper Returns?

Update: Season Finale shocker. Top 5 list of Robert’s transgressions.  It’s time for the Privy Council on the next episode of “The Royals” and the two sides of the royal family are about to make their case for who should be the British monarch. You’ve got King Cyrus on one side, with the blackmailed Mr. … Read more

Princess Eleanor and Queen Helena bond on "The Royals"

THE ROYALS Recap: Domino Revealed and Jasper’s Shocking Ally To Win Back Eleanor (VIDEO)

During “Tend Not Thy Mind, nor Let Thy Soul Contrive Against Thy Mother”, THE ROYALS gave a name and a face to the mystery symbol hanging over the royal family. Her name is Dominique Stewart a/k/a Domino. In the post-show The Royals Hangover, co-host Maria Menounos gave a name to the pairing of King Cyrus … Read more

Princess Eleanor and Mandy, on "The Royals"

THE ROYALS Recap: Jasper’s Plot Revealed As Cyrus Takes Command

In the lastest episode of THE ROYALS, The Spirit I Have Seen”, Cyrus couldn’t shake hallucinations of his big brother Simon, got to show his subjects who he really is and found himself off the hook on the subject of Capt. Lacey’s murder. Oh, yes and he created a new position for Violet. She is … Read more