SHARK WEEK 2016, Discovery Channel. "Sharks Among Us."

SHARK WEEK: Can You Handle the ‘Shallow Water Invasion’ Tonight? (Video Peek)

UPDATED: Discovery Channel wades in with the Great Whites; read more here on TVRuckus! SHARK WEEK is bringing new programming along with proven Shark N’ Awe hits to Discovery Channel this week, and tonight viewers can get ready for the coming “Shallow Water Invasion,” swimming into primetime with a lineup of premieres after a day … Read more

Shark Expert, Greg Skomal comes face to face with a tiger shark off Florida. Discovery Channel, SHARK WEEK 2015.

SHARK WEEK 2015 Winds Down This Weekend with Fan Favorite Moments in Saturday Primetime! (Video)

SHARK WEEK is swimming to a close this weekend on Discovery Channel, and fans of this week-long celebration of the chompy species are no doubt looking back on the best moments. And, Discovery Channel is helping viewers relive those moments, with a weekend of great SHARK WEEK encounters, including the best moments of SHARK WEEK … Read more

Shark Week 2015

SHARK WEEK Fans Get ‘Sharktacular’ Preview with Eli Roth Tonight on Discovery!

Tonight, after coming off the Bering Sea with the crews and captains of Discovery Channel’s hit series “Deadliest Catch,” fans can move to the beach for a preview of The Most Wonderful Week of the Year with SHARK WEEK SHARKTACULAR. Less than two weeks away, SHARK WEEK promises to bring fans the best the waters–and … Read more

Eli Roth, host of "Shark After Dark" on Discovery Channel's SHARK WEEK 2015.

SHARK WEEK 2015: Eli Roth to Host Late-Night Talk Show ‘Shark After Dark’

SHARK WEEK 2015 is fast approaching the beach, and fans are beginning to smell the blood in the water. Summer TV’s longest running and most anticipated annual event kicks off Sunday, July 5. Hit late-night talk show “Shark After Dark” will return for its third consecutive year with an all-new host, award-winning film director, producer, … Read more