JUNGLE GOLD 2-hour Season Finale Airing Tonight (VIDEOS)!

JUNGLE GOLD fans, be aware:  After airing the entire season on Sunday nights, Discovery Channel is airing the season finale of Jungle Gold TONIGHT, Friday, September 06. Tonight, in “Run for the Border,” Scott, George AND the production crew are in danger and literally running for their lives. According to Discovery Channel: Scott and George … Read more

New Machine Operator on ‘Jungle Gold’: ‘I Didn’t Come Here to Hustle’

This week on Discovery Channel’s Jungle Gold, George was scrambling in Ghana, trying to make good on the deal he and Scott cut with Dave Thomas, to have working equipment on the gold claim. Machine operator Steve Slider arrived on-site, and was not too thrilled with what he saw. “You could sell it for scrap,” … Read more

JUNGLE GOLD: George Tries Another ‘Gold Flip’ (VIDEO)

It’s another Sunday, and another night with Jungle Gold on the Discovery Channel is coming up! This week, fans are looking forward to finding out more news about Scott’s son, and what he will ultimately decide about digging for gold in Ghana:  Will he return, or is he finished—which, in fact, may mean the entire … Read more

Jungle Gold: Should Scott Return to Ghana After Son’s Autism Diagnosis?

Scott Lomu found out last night on Discovery Channel’s Jungle Gold that his youngest son has been diagnosed with autism. Now, he is struggling with whether or not to return to digging gold in Ghana. Should he? It is hard to see how he can choose not to. The Tough Get Going to Ghana Scott Lomu … Read more

Exclusive ‘Jungle Gold’ Preview from Discovery Channel on TVRuckus! (VIDEO)

    Fans of Jungle Gold on Discovery Channel are cheering on George Wright and Scott Lomu as they begin another run at finding gold in Ghana, Africa. They seem to be willing to do most anything—but is it worth life, limb and family? George and Scott are trying to impress their new partner, bringing … Read more