GOLD RUSH Video Preview: Shaker Snafu for Todd, Bigger Problems for Parker Tonight

Staying home tonight? Well, don’t worry about not having anything to watch on TV: Fridays are a great night for viewers on Discovery Channel. Tonight, fans will see not only a new episode of GOLD RUSH, but an all-new airing of pre-show, “The Dirt,” and winding up the evening, the pressure is on the fishermen … Read more

Emily Riedel, Bering Sea Gold

BERING SEA GOLD: Captain Emily Begins to Rebuild Her Operation Tonight (Video)

Will Captain Emily Riedel be able to save her season on BERING SEA GOLD? Captain Emily has not had a lot of success building, as she says, a “family” with the Eroica. It seems that many of the more successful teams out on the water, whether they are working on retrieving gold, fish or crab, … Read more

GOLD RUSH: Winter May Put Final Kibash on 1,000-Ounce Push for Hoffmans

It is cold—really cold—in the Northeast and Southeast United States today. But, when it gets cold in the Klondike, it seems to just go from tolerable to frozen overnight—literally. Tonight on Discovery Channel’s hit series GOLD RUSH, the miners are finding that they just may have reached that line, between workable and, well, not so … Read more

GOLD RUSH: Is a Little Tony Beets More Than Enough? Give Us Your Thoughts! (Video)

The end of the season is drawing near, and the miners of Discovery Channel’s hit series GOLD RUSH are doing all they can to make their goals for the season. But, at this point, it is very possible none of them will hit the mark. Parker has set a giant goal of 2,000-ounces this season, … Read more

Minnie & Tony Beets.

GOLD RUSH: Has Tony Beets Finally Pushed the Reassembly of His Dredge Too Far? (Video)

Tonight there may not be a lot of the shiny yellow stuff flowing when everyone on Discovery Channel’s hit series, GOLD RUSH continues to struggle with the season’s challenges, which just seem to keep coming for all. Of course, some miners are actually creating their own challenges more so than others. Parker and Todd are … Read more