Giselle Wellman struggles with solar power "over" on TOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA

TOP CHEF CALIFORNIA Recap: Padma Boils Over in Desert, Cheftestants Get Scorched

TOP CHEF CALIFORNIA punished the remaining cheftestants by making them cook outdoors in the desert around Palm Springs, CA. On top of that, they were taken to a spot that sat atop the San Andreas Fault. It would be too easy to make jokes about earthquakes and shifting tectonic plates, and I will refrain from … Read more

Chef Grayson Schmitz's bean salad on "Top Chef: California"

TOP CHEF Season Premiere Part 2: Grayson’s Still There But Vegan Dishes Crash and Burn

The chefs remained in Los Angeles during part two of the TOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA season premiere and demonstrated how much they did not know about vegan and ethnic cuisine. With Garret already gone after part one, the remaining cheftestants were put in teams of four to create a tasting menu at pop-up restaurants around the … Read more

Terri Jailed, Jane Blames Grayson on DROP DEAD DIVA

DROP DEAD DIVA teased another date, perhaps a hookup for Jane and Grayson and not only did it not happen, it’s looking tense for the foreseeable future. Once again, the couple ended up arguing about something that led to Jane reminding Grayson she’s a partner in the law firm and deserves more respect. Not good … Read more

DROP DEAD DIVA Fans: It’s Over For Good This Time

This will be the final season for DROP DEAD DIVA on Lifetime. The network made its announcement today as the show gears up for its final season premiere on March 23. Its popularity doesn’t explain the decision.  It has been reported that its average viewership for season 5 was 2 million viewers. DROP DEAD DIVA … Read more