DIESEL BROTHERS, Discovery Channel, Diesel Dave & Heavy D

DIESEL BROTHERS Season Finale Video Preview: Will Heavy D & Diesel Dave Repeat Success at SEMA Tonight?

It has been a season of excitement and learning for many fans of Discovery Channel hit series DIESEL BROTHERS, which has brought diesel power to the Motor Monday masses with fun and style. Tonight, the season wraps up with the big show: SEMA. Heavy D and Diesel Dave are the masterminds behind DieselSellerz.com, which focuses … Read more

Diesel Brothers, Discovery Channel, Motor Mondays

DIESEL BROTHERS: Will an Import from Sweden Be Just What Puts a Trade-Show Build Over-the-Top Tonight? (Video)

What would you do with a brand-new diesel truck? Someone will be able to answer that question soon on DIESEL BROTHERS, and tonight on Discovery Channel Motor Monday, fans will continue down the giveaway path for the 12-valve, quad cab Dodge. The DieselSellerz are featured on Discovery Channel’s latest Motor Mondays hit, DIESEL BROTHERS. Fans … Read more

DIESEL BROTHERS, Discovery Channel, Diesel Dave & Heavy D

DIESEL BROTHERS: Will a ‘Holy Grail’ Quad-Cab Dodge Become the Next DieselSellerz Giveaway Truck Tonight?

It’s a big night tonight: Motor Monday on Discovery Channel. Yeah, you thought it was going to be “Iowa Caucuses,” right? Well, it’s that, too, but after all the votes are cast and officials are busy counting up the results, Motor Monday is probably a more enjoyable way to spend the evening than watching the … Read more

Diesel Brothers, Mega Ram.

DIESEL BROTHERS Recap: Mega Ram Unselfishly Gives Up Axle Parts for the F650 Giveaway

On the latest episode of DIESEL BROTHERS, Heavy D and Diesel Dave wrapped up their latest giveaway build, an F650 that they dieseled up and stretched out. Of course, everyone has to make sacrifices for a build every now and then, and last night it was Heavy D’s turn. As usual, the pair started the … Read more

DIESEL BROTHERS, Discovery Channel, Diesel Dave & Heavy D

DIESEL BROTHERS: Mini-Vans Made a Target Tonight by Heavy D; F650 Is Revealed for Free-Truck Giveaway!

Tonight on Discovery Channel’s Motor Mondays, DIESEL BROTHERS continues with the latest giveaway project from Heavy D and Diesel Dave, the F650. Are they pushing the limits with this reveal? Fans are enjoying the new Discovery Channel hit, and dreaming of the day they could win their own free diesel truck. As the guys frequently … Read more