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Fans Giving History Channel Props for Renewing ‘Swamp People’ for Another Season Before Tonight’s Finale!

The Season Finale of “Swamp People” is upon us tonight. But, when the season began, it was heralded as the final season of the series, upsetting many fans and leading them to ask History Channel, over and over, for answers. Has History Channel listened it its viewers and renewed the hit series for another season? … Read more

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SWAMP PEOPLE: Tonight the Edgar Family Heads Home but Cameras Continue to Roll

Tonight on History Channel, Troy Landry continues to struggle his way through gator hunting season on SWAMP PEOPLE. He called in the troops, but with 500 tags and bad hunting conditions, will it be enough to tag him out this season? It looks like it is going to be a long–or, perhaps, way too short–season … Read more

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VIKINGS Video Preview: Ragnar & Floki Remain at Odds in Kattegat Tonight! (Episode 2, ‘Kill the Queen’)

Fan-favorite History Channel hit series VIKINGS returned for Season 4 last week, and viewers were not short-changed with the premiere episode. This week, the saga continues, with all of the action and drama viewers demand. The season did not even get started before History Channel ordered four more episodes of VIKINGS, produced in addition to … Read more

SWAMP PEOPLE: What Is the ‘Family Secret’ R.J. & Jay Paul Will Reveal Tonight?

It has not been a good season thus far for the Landry family on SWAMP PEOPLE. They have 500 tags to fill–not a small amount, to be sure–and, in a panic, Troy called in reinforcements. Will the Edgar family bring the help he needs? Last week, the Edgars filled a few tags, but it was … Read more

Season Premiere VIKINGS on History Channel; Lothaire Bluteau & Morgane Polanski.

VIKINGS Season 4 Premiere: Four Additional Episodes Already Ordered for This History Channel Hit Returning Tonight! (Video Preview)

UPDATED: Video Preview of Episode 2, “Kill the Queen” Tonight, History Channel fans will be tuning in for the return of fan-favorite hit series VIKINGS. The critically acclaimed drama begins Season Four with Travis Fimmel, star of the upcoming film Warcraft, as well as four episodes produced in addition to the original 16 ordered for … Read more