Anthony Melchiorri

HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE Season 6 Premiere: Anthony’s New Adventures Start on Rt. 66

Anthony Melchiorri is on a mission as the sixth season of HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE premieres tonight on Travel Channel. Isn’t he always? Yeah, but now it’s being acknowledged as a stated purpose as he goes about helping struggling hotel owners keep their businesses open. It’s “Doctor” Melchiorri who attends to the strained and sometimes broken personal … Read more

Anthony Melchiorri

‘HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE: 5 Star Secrets’, Travel Like You’re Rich With Anthony Melchiorri

Get ready for two special editions of HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE on Travel Channel. The show turns from hotels in trouble to those that shine. In “Hotel Impossible: 5-Star Secrets,” we get to experience the most stunning and luxurious five-star hotels alongside Anthony Melchiorri, the Hotel Fixer. While the show’s bread and butter is sending Melchiorri to … Read more

HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE and Anthony Melchiorri Get Competition on Travel Channel

Have you been missing Anthony Melchiorri on Travel Channel’s HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE? Take heart because the new season begins Tuesday October 7. The Hotel Fixer is back at it, and begins his new escapades in Daytona Beach, Florida at the historic 50-room Streamline Hotel where NASCAR was born. HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE returns on a new night for the show … Read more

Anthony’s Big Dig in Oregon on HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE

  In the most recent episode of HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE Anthony Melchiorri didn’t find an impossible situation when he arrived in Oregon at the Vagabond Lodge, but he tried like heck to inject some “impossible” into it. What Anthony found was Grant, a young owner who had inherited a family business and was still tied to … Read more

HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE: Sicilian Passion Lacking at Solunto Mare Hotel

  Anthony Melchiorri traveled to Sicily to assist the group that runs the Solunto Mare Hotel. With an unobstructed view of the Mediterranean Sea, you’d have thought this would be a slam dunk for HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE. Nope, not even close. A short drive along the coast from the heart of Palermo, the Solunto Mare Hotel … Read more