Mary Padian

STORAGE WARS: Mary and Hester Score Big in the Snowy Mountains of Rimforest, CA

We headed to the mountains outside Los Angeles on STORAGE¬†WARS in the latest episode “There’s No Business Like Snow Business”. The photo above is a screen shot of Mary Padian driving in the snow and fog, on icy mountain roads. She was trying to find the location of the auction and fumbling her phone that … Read more

Ivy Calvin, Darrell Sheets, Rene Nezhoda "Storage Wars"

STORAGE WARS Bidding Controversy? Ivy Screams ‘2’, Dan Dotson Thinks It’s $2,000

While in the city of Palm Springs, the auction bidders on STORAGE WARS had dreams of making big money, but for one, the dream died during “Auctions Away”. Ivy Calvin was not specific when he made the first bid on a locker and Dan Dotson mistook his bid for a number ten times higher. The … Read more

Ivy Calvin "Storage Wars"

STORAGE WARS: Ivy Calvin Tries Woooo, Instead of Dave Hester’s Yuuup

In an all new episode of STORAGE WARS “Just Deserts”, Ivy Calvin is in conqueror mode. He’s decided to pay homage to Dave Hester, with a twist. He comes to the auction in the California desert town of Indio dressed all in black. He’s rocking the shirt, the shorts, the shoes and the hat. Yes, … Read more

Mary Padian

STORAGE WARS All New Shows: Mary Padian Hangs With Hester

STORAGE WARS returned Tuesday night July 21 with a slate of new episodes. Last night in “They’ll Always Have Perris”, we were joined by Brandi and Jarrod, Dave Hester, Mary Padian and Ivy Calvin. Recently we learned that there was a huge fight on the set while filming an episode and things got physical. It’s … Read more

Cast of "Storage Wars"

STORAGE WARS Intro’d Mavrick A New Auction Bidder, Thumbs Up or Down?

STORAGE WARS is spreading the love among new additions to its cast of characters. Mary Padian has moved her talents to So Cal on a regular basis and last night we were introduced to Mavrick (that’s how he spells it), a man with half his face covered in tattoos, in addition to the ink on … Read more