THE LITTLE COUPLE: Watch Jen and Young Cancer Patient Use Music As Therapy (VIDEO)

There aren’t very many times on THE LITTLE COUPLE that we see Jen Arnold MD in action with patients. Last week we found her going out of town for a business trip and in the previous episode she was giving a speech in New Orleans, so it’s not like we aren’t aware of her packed … Read more

Zoey, Bill and Will Klein on "The Little Couple"

THE LITTLE COUPLE Sneak Peek: ‘Pie In The Face’ Game, Will Loves It But Does Zoey? (VIDEO)

THE LITTLE COUPLE is all new tonight on TLC, with an episode titled, “Mr. Mom”. Am I safe in assuming you need no explanation of that term? Bill stays back home with Will and Zoey while Jen is on a three-day weekend business trip to San Diego. Nice place to do business, right? Jen’s got … Read more

Jen Arnold and daughter Zoey on "The Little Couple"

THE LITTLE COUPLE Preview: Even Mini-Bowling Is Too Big for Will and Zoey (VIDEO)

THE LITTLE COUPLE celebrates Christmas 2015 tonight on TLC in the episode “All Aboard”, and in addition to the holidays there are plenty of kid-friendly activities. For example, check out the video preview clip posted below. The sight of Will and Zoey trying to learn to roll a bowling ball down the lane is as … Read more

Cover of Think Big new book by Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, "The Little Couple"

THE LITTLE COUPLE Preview: A Cancer Checkup Then Photoshoot Fun (VIDEO)

Tonight it’s fun and games as well as some looking back on THE LITTLE COUPLE. Last week was bittersweet as we watched Jen’s parents pack and get ready for their move. They returned to Florida after years of living close by in Houston, helping Bill and Jen deal with the arrival of the children, Jen’s … Read more

Bill, Jen and kids with Jen's mom at Halloween "The Little Couple"

THE LITTLE COUPLE Preview: Jen’s Parents Relocating, It’s Garage Sale Time (VIDEO)

Update September 2017: Jen & Bill moved the family too! Video clips of new season of the show. THE LITTLE COUPLE presents “Big Family Changes”, tonight on TLC. Jen Arnold’s parents are moving to Florida. Will it be tougher for Jen and Bill or Will and Zoey? Judy, Jen’s mom isn’t only a support system … Read more