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MOONSHINERS Season Finale: Will Fans Get an Update on Tickle’s Whereabouts Tonight?

UPDATED: Big Money, Bigger Hearts on MOONSHINERS Season Finale! We had to get there sooner or later, and tonight, we are there: the Season Finale of MOONSHINERS on Discovery Channel. It has been a difficult season for many of the shiners. Overall, Patti and David seem to have done the best with their operation, which … Read more

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MOONSHINERS Recap: The Tickle-Less Season Continues, While Other Shiners Begin to Make Progress

UPDATED: Tickle Returns on Christmas Episode! So far, not so good on Discovery Channel’s MOONSHINERS this season. Not only is Tickle still a no-show, but the liquor is not flowing. However, things are looking up, at least for one team of shiners, thanks to some welcomed advice from a moonshining legend. Tickle continues to be … Read more

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MOONSHINERS: Will Jim Tom Turn Mark & Digger’s Flavorless Rye into Backwoods Gold?

It is a new night for the backwoods outlaws of Discovery Channel’s hit series MOONSHINERS, but not a new problem: They cannot seem to make the shine. It has not been a great season for any of the shiners thus far–and it is well into the summer at this point. Everybody is trying to brew … Read more

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MOONSHINERS Recap: Did Discovery Shortchange Fans on Josh & Bill Arrest Outcome?

UPDATED: New Season of MOONSHINERS Begins Tuesday, November 17; Preview Here!  The big question for MOONSHINERS fans last night:  Would Josh and Bill be going to jail? Discovery Channel had viewers hanging on the edge of their seats, teasing them with the law going by the unlucky duo as Cutie Pie barked a warning—which we … Read more

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MOONSHINERS Season Finale: Will Barking Cutie Pie Take Josh & Bill Down Tonight? (EXCLUSIVE Video Preview)

It has been a pretty poor season for all of the MOONSHINERS on the hit Discovery series, but tonight on the Season Finale, things just may get even worse for at least one team. Tickle has had a hard time moving shine this season, and has his partners suspicious of his motives. He’s even had … Read more