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YUKON MEN Recap: Tanana Citizens Pull Together & Fight Raging Wildfire on Season Premiere; Did They Win?

UPDATED: Will Tanana residents begin to find their way tonight? Check out this week’s preview on TVRuckus! Last night on Discovery Channel, the YUKON MEN returned for an all-new season. The big question: Would Tanana survive an oncoming wildfire? At the beginning of the episode, it looked bleak. The residents, even those with fire experience, … Read more

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YUKON MEN Season Premiere Recap: Town Uniting Against Advancing Wolf Packs Surrounding Tanana

The new season of YUKON MEN premiered on Discovery Channel last night–and just because they are far away from “civilization” does not mean that the residents of Tanana, AK, do not have the problems we all have. They just have a few special issues that don’t affect most of us in the lower 48! Tanana, … Read more

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YUKON MEN: Pat Tells Wayward Son Thomas, “I’m Not Comin’ Knockin’ No More”

One of the best things about YUKON MEN is the attitudes of the men and women featured. Even when a plan goes wrong, they are typically able to make something good from it or, at the very least, make another plan and keep going forward. And, this can-do attitude was in great need this week, … Read more

YUKON MEN Exclusive! Does Joey’s Truck Delivery Sink or Swim? (Video Preview)

When you live out in the middle of nowhere, like the residents of Tanana on Discovery Channel’s hit series YUKON MEN, sometimes you have to do things a little differently. For example, if you need to get a 2-ton truck from a destination upriver to its destination downriver well, guess what? You may have to … Read more

Two Nights of YUKON MEN Will Leave Tanana Forever Changed!

It’s a weekend of change in Tanana, with an all-new episode of YUKON MEN on Discovery Channel tonight, Saturday, November 30, and one tomorrow night, as well. Viewers will still be on the edge of their seats from last week’s episode, with a flood coming and Bob struggling with his desire to get out of … Read more