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SWAMP PEOPLE Recap: Edgars Put in Poor Showing Next to Troy’s 21 Gators on First Day of Team Fishing

Last night on SWAMP PEOPLE, the Landrys seemed to be not quite running on all points together, with Troy deciding unilaterally that they needed help after only bringing in 10 gators on the first day. The Landrys have 500 tags to fill, but is one bad day a reason to panic? Jacob was asking the … Read more

Swamp People, Team Liz, History Channel

SWAMP PEOPLE Season Finale Recap: Another Gator Season in the Books on History!

Last night on SWAMP PEOPLE, it was go hard or go home for Liz, and her husband, Justin, circled the wagons to get 20 tags filled by the end of the final day of gator season. Liz and daughter Jessica were dropping the lines via ATV, while Justin and Glenn Guist went out by boat, … Read more

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SWAMP PEOPLE: Will New Tricks Bring Out Big Gators on the Bayou Tonight? (Video)

The month goes quickly when gator hunting commences in Louisiana, and fans of SWAMP PEOPLE are feeling the crush just like the hunters themselves on History Channel. And, with time flying by, all of the teams are looking for ways to pull more of the tricky targets into their boats. Everyone has lots of tags … Read more

Swamp Christmas

SWAMP CHRISTMAS: Papa Noel Sounds Suspiciously Like Troy Landry on Tonight’s Holiday Special!

Tonight, it is Christmastime in the bayou, and fan-favorite “Swamp People” gets into the holiday spirit when History Channel premieres an all-new SWAMP CHRISTMAS. HISTORY follows swampers through the 30-day alligator hunting season during the “Swamp People” regular season. It’s a wild—and dangerous—way to make a living, but one that they must complete in order … Read more