LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: Theresa Heals Hairdresser Frank in Special Reading

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM ran a one-hour special show and it was all readings without a running family issue for comic relief. ┬áStrike that, there was comic relief and Theresa Caputo provided it. We got scenes cherry-picked from the miles of tape used to film LONG ISLAND MEDIUM that never made it into the half-hour format … Read more

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: Behind-the-Scenes Of Theresa Caputo’s Knock & Shock (VIDEO)

The hair, it’s all about the hair, but we already knew that. LONG ISLAND MEDIUM gave us a priceless behind-the-scenes look at what it took to pull off the live Knock and Shock in New Orleans. Theresa Caputo is one of those people who has a difficult time keeping things on the down low. As … Read more

Theresa Caputo and Larry Caputo

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: On the Road in Texas, Larry Caputo Ropes, Dances and Chaffeurs Theresa

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM aired a fan fave last night when Theresa and Larry Caputo went “On The Road” in Texas. When Theresa was misidentified as someone from California by a Texas native, you knew we’d be in for a fun ride. Who is loving the new longer and higher-teased hair on Theresa Caputo this season? … Read more