SISTER WIVES, TLC. Kody, Robyn, Christine, Meri & Janelle Brown.

‘Sister Wives’: Fans Sit Down with Erica Hill & the Kody Brown Family Tonight; Sneak Peek Video!

It’s time for the Kody Brown family to do their regular sit-down episode tonight on TLC; will they bring anything new to the “Sister Wives” table? Fans watched last week as the Browns took off for Hawaii. Was there conflict? Of course there was; this is the Browns we’re talking about! But, overall, considering the … Read more

Sister Wives, TLC. Kody Brown & his 4 wives.

‘Sister Wives’ Joy? Can Hard Feelings of Recent Betrayals Be Set Aside for the Arrival of Baby Sister Brown Tonight?

It has been a hard few months for the Kody Brown family of TLC hit series “Sister Wives.” But, tonight they will have something to celebrate, when a new Brown baby girl blessing arrives to join the family. Of course, already being a Brown, the baby is liable to bring a little chaos into the … Read more

Sister Wives, TLC. Meri Brown w/ husband, Kody.

‘Sister Wives’ Drama: Has Meri’s Dishonesty Destroyed Her Once-Close Bond with Only Daughter Mariah?

UPDATED: The Browns welcome a new baby sister; read more here on TVRuckus! Tonight on TLC hit series “Sister Wives,” the Browns continue to fight the good fight against the strife first wife Meri has brought into their already chaotic homes. Meri wants to put her mistakes behind her, but she is finding out that … Read more

Sister Wives, TLC. Janelle Brown.

‘Sister Wives’ Fallout: Has Meri Set the Entire Brown Family on a Long-Term Path of Pain?

The catfishing fallout continues tonight on TLC hit series “Sister Wives.” Will Kody Brown and his family be able to move beyond Meri’s indiscretions, or will these be wounds that will continue to follow them through the months and years ahead? There have been the obvious questions for Kody and Wife #1 Meri throughout all … Read more

SISTER WIVES, TLC. Season Premiere. Kody Brown and his 4 Wives.

‘Sister Wives’ Video Preview: Will Catfishing Continue To Be the Big Issue for the Browns When the New Season Begins Tonight?

Are fans ready for more of the Kody Brown family? Ready or not, the Browns are back on TLC tonight, with an all-new season of fan-favorite series “Sister Wives.” But, are the Browns themselves ready to put their lives on display once again, after the fiasco of the last year? It is that last year … Read more