Chef Jason Stratton, "Last Chance Kitchen"

LAST CHANCE KITCHEN Two-Part Finale : Jason, Amar and Carl Deal With Sourdough and Fish Dishes To Return To TOP CHEF

LAST CHANCE KITCHEN greeted two eliminated new chefs in the first part of the season finale. Chefs Amar Santana and Carl Dooley were dismissed after failing to please the judges on the previous episode of TOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA. Amar went down in a sudden-death Quickfire Challenge judged by master chef Traci Des Jardins and Carl … Read more

Chef Kwame Onwuachi on "Top Chef: California"

LAST CHANCE KITCHEN Week 10 Watch Kwame vs. Jason, International House of Breakfast (VIDEO)

It was time for Chef Kwame Onwuachi to haul himself into LAST CHANCE KITCHEN after his exit from TOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA. The young chef, who paid a sweet homage to Tom Colicchio on his way out the door, took his fate gracefully and with great perspective on what he had accomplished to get this far … Read more

Tom Colicchio

LAST CHANCE KITCHEN Week 9 Jason vs. Karen: All Hail The Dancing Bonito (VIDEO)

LAST CHANCE KITCHEN welcomed Chef Karen Akunowicz to the cook-off where she faced returning champ Jason Stratton who has taken on and vanquished all comers for weeks. Karen landed in LCK after her poor execution of a dish that was more Chinese than Japanese, despite it being something that was to evoke the spirit of … Read more

LAST CHANCE KITCHEN Week 8: Jason vs. Phillip, Bloody Fingers and Sweetbreads

LAST CHANCE KITCHEN featured the attempt at redemption for Phillip, who continued his rant about the judges booting him from TOP CHEF for dishes that food critics rave about when he serves them at his restaurants. It’s been that kind of season for Phillip, who in this viewer’s opinion, wasn’t eliminated soon enough. Now he … Read more

Tom Colicchio

LAST CHANCE KITCHEN Week 7: Watch Chad vs. Jason, Winner By a Cow’s Cheek Is…

LAST CHANCE KITCHEN went into Week 7 after the disappointment of all chefs not understanding the meat-fest of the Beefsteak event. Comments from judges included the words “fussy”, “pansy” and “dainty” to describe food served with micro-greens and courses not fit for what was supposed to be a bloody, beef-stuffed “murder scene” as guest Colin … Read more