HARDCORE PAWN: Someone Is Doing Weed in the Warehouse! (Sneak Peek Video)

In addition to ringing in 2014, tonight fans of HARDCORE PAWN on truTV will be celebrating a new episode of their favorite pawn reality show! Tonight, there is a lot of snooping in store for the Golds and their employees. According to truTV, in episode, “Scent of Deception”: “When Ashley smells weed in the warehouse, … Read more

Hardcore Pawn: ‘I Trust No One’ Says Les

Les took back the power last week on truTVs Hardcore Pawn, and now all is right with the world at American Jewelry & Loan. Or, is it? Well, the typical angry customers were flooding the floor as usual, but with Ashley re-instated as a manager, and Seth still on probation, there is still some tension … Read more

Bye Bye, Boss Seth: Les Takes Back the Power on ‘Hardcore Pawn’

Les really has his hands full on truTVs Hardcore Pawn. Seth was making changes left and right at American Jewelry & Loan after Les put him in charge. Now, definitely, Seth was the better choice, based on the testing system Les put Ashley and Seth through—Ashley was just too emotional in her decision making—but he was, well, just … Read more

Hardcore Pawn: Score One for Boss Seth!

Seth started his exclusive reign of power on truTVs Hardcore Pawn this week. Regular customer “Michael” was the first order of business that Seth and Ashley butted heads over. Every time Michael comes in the store—bringing ripped-up silver fox “mink” coats in the middle of summer or worthless oil paintings signed by who knows who—he … Read more

Hardcore Pawn: Les Chooses between Ashley & Seth

What is the future of American Jewelry and Loan on truTVs Hardcore Pawn? Les is concerned that his store does not have a future with his children in charge; he has reason to be concerned. Previously, Les collapsed following yet another argument offspring Seth and Ashley pulled him into refereeing; thank goodness it was not a … Read more