Sneak Peek: Grayson In the Afterlife With Fred on DROP DEAD DIVA (VIDEO)

The next DROP DEAD DIVA episode picks up after Grayson died in the hospital from his gunshot wounds. Grayson and Fred have a bit of a disagreement over Grayson’s request to return for Jane, which he considers unfinished business. Update: Recap of “No Return”. Learn what happened with Grayson Jane expected a ring, after BFF … Read more

Terri Jailed, Jane Blames Grayson on DROP DEAD DIVA

DROP DEAD DIVA teased another date, perhaps a hookup for Jane and Grayson and not only did it not happen, it’s looking tense for the foreseeable future. Once again, the couple ended up arguing about something that led to Jane reminding Grayson she’s a partner in the law firm and deserves more respect. Not good … Read more

DANCE MOMS: Always Fresh Meat For Abby, But Beware

Abby Lee Miller is burning through new dancers and their moms at an alarming rate and it happened once again during last night’s episode, “Blame It On the New Girl”. DANCE MOMS is becoming a revolving door, as the early season promise to challenge the regulars moves into full swing after the exit of Kelly, … Read more

DANCE MOMS: Abby Tires of Kira, Blowup at Competition

Abby Lee Miller got a bit of her own medicine on “No Solo For You”, the latest episode of DANCE MOMS. Kalani and mom Kira are still at the ALDC on a week-to-week basis and nudging Abby to do what’s necessary to make it permanent, or as permanent as anything can be at the studio. … Read more

DANCE MOMS: In Defense of Abby Wanting ‘Whole Team Full of Maddies’

Abby Lee Miller is flirting outside her relationships on DANCE MOMS and she is getting the reaction she wants. In “Abby Strikes Back”, Miller kept the sword hanging over the heads of her dancers and their moms, with the warning that if that sword falls, it will mean the end of their time with the … Read more