Vegetation in the Swamp! Swamp People, History Channel

SWAMP PEOPLE: Landscapes Clogged but One Hunter Still Goes After ‘Cujo’!

SWAMP PEOPLE continues on its snappy way tonight on History Channel. Some gator hunters have already tagged out, but some are still baiting hooks and running lines, and tonight they are all determined to have the biggest and best finishes possible. One of the biggest challenges the gator hunters have is not with the gators … Read more

Finding Bigfoot team heads to Louisiana Bayou on Animal Planet.

FINDING BIGFOOT: Will Sasquatch Appear Among Gators & Gumbo of Louisiana Tonight?

Tonight on Animal Planet, the FINDING BIGFOOT team continues its quest for irrefutable proof of crypto-species Sasquatch. Will Louisiana hold the key to the mystery? Many of us may think of Louisiana as the home of gators and gumbo more so than Bigfoot. However, when you think about it, what better cover for a species … Read more

SWAMP HUNTERS: Exclusive Team Taylor Interview to Kick Off Saturday Premiere on CMT!

History buffs and swamp-lovers alike should check out SWAMP HUNTERS, a new addition to the CMT lineup as of this Saturday, March 15. D’Roy and Dustin Taylor and their team of extended family are featured, searching for lost treasures left behind by pirates, outlaws, gangsters and militiamen who once called the inhospitable Honey Island Swamp … Read more

SWAMP PEOPLE Invites Viewers to the Swampsgiving Table Tonight on History!

Thanksgiving in the swamp—SWAMP PEOPLE have got it for viewers tonight on History Channel! There are “must haves” for every Thanksgiving table—for the SWAMP PEOPLE, those “must haves” are likely a little different than the average American table, but they certainly are fresh! Swamper Bruce Mitchell puts it plain:  “When my family gets together, we … Read more