Friday Night Tykes

FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES Coach Goodloe: ‘I Want to Get Better as a Christian’

This week, highly controversial reality series FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES came back for Season Two on Esquire. When last we saw them, it was undecided as to whether or not there would even be a Season Two, given the horrible behavior many of the coaches and parents displayed last season. It was depressing, seeing youth athletics … Read more

FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES: Autistic Football Player Has His Moment to Shine for Colts

There is a lot of negative on the screen with Esquire Network’s FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES. But, there is a nugget of good every now and then, too. One child on the NE Colts team, coached by Marecus Goodloe, is autistic. His name is Grayson. He sits on the bench, enjoys, no doubt, being a football … Read more

FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES Coaches Chavarria & Goodloe Suspended by TYFA

According to a memo dated 1/29/14 and posted on the official Texas Youth Football & Cheer Association (TYFA) website, two coaches from the Esquire reality series FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES have been suspended. Coaches Charles Chavarria (Junior Broncos) and Marecus Goodloe (NE Colts) have been suspended by the TYFA for actions featured on FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES, … Read more