MasterChef: Junior Season 5 finale with Gordon Ramsay, Martha Stewart, Wolfgang Puck, Christina Tosi

Season 5 Finale Tonight! ‘MasterChef Junior’ Final Four Are Creative and Driven (VIDEO)

“MasterChef: Junior” airs its two-hour season finale tonight on Fox TV, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT and there’s goat on the menu during an elimination challenge. Why not, since the remaining four young chefs took on everything Gordon Ramsay threw at them and survived? As an example, watch Ramsay in action with Justise as she … Read more

Home cook Cydney on Season five "MasterChef: Junior" on FOX

Did Gordon Ramsay Set Up Cydney For Failure on ‘MasterChef Junior’?

“MasterChef Junior” narrowed the field to the top four candidates in the last episode. This Thursday night, in a two-hour ┬áseason finale, a champion will be crowned. Evan and Cydney were eliminated after the pop-up restaurant challenge. As usual, tears flowed and hugs were exchanged, but Cydney’s demise was unnecessary. Typically, for team challenges, the … Read more

MasterChef Junior season 5 Chef Gordon Ramsay driving contestants in a dune buggy

‘MasterChef Junior’ EXCLUSIVE: Only Four Survive Pop-Up Restaurant To Make Semi-Finals

Updated: Final four chosen, but did Gordon Ramsay make it unfair? Yes, it’s that time on “MasterChef Junior” Season 5. In the episode titled “Pop-Up Restaurant” the top 6 young chefs battle for only four spots in the semifinals next week. We’ve all come to know and care for these kids and yet each week … Read more

Contestant Afnan in "Tag Team" episode, season 5 "MasterChef: Junior" on Fox

EXCLUSIVE ‘MasterChef Junior’: Tag Team Sushi Challenge Goes Bad, Very Bad (VIDEO)

“MasterChef Junior” season 5 is heading towards its conclusion, and tonight the kids get a big treat, then have to pay for it! Their families arrive as a surprise for them all. Talk about lifting spirits and delivering encouragement, right?┬áThe chefs’ first task is making a meal that is inspired by their families, and it … Read more