"Harley and the Davidsons," Discovery Channel.

‘Harley and the Davidsons’ Starts Down the Historical Path Against Indian Motorcycles Tonight on Discovery! (Video)

UPDATED: “Harley and the Davidsons” attracts more viewers than “The Bible!” Read the details here on TVRuckus! Tonight on Motor Monday, a special event not to be missed: the all-new mini-series, “Harley and the Davidsons” begins its three-night run on Discovery Channel. A Harley-Davidson is more than a motorcycle; it is a symbol of American … Read more

FAST N' LOUD, Discovery Channel. Richard Rawlings & Aaron Kaufman.

‘Fast N’ Loud’ Pre-Season Kick-Off: Richard & Aaron Hit the Beach Tonight with Fan Questions Plus Epic Wins & Fails; GYSOT! (Video)

Tonight, Motor Mondays fans are getting ready for a night of sun and fun, because one of their favorite shows is roaring back to Discovery Channel–from the beach! Richard Rawlings, owner of Gas Monkey Garage, and his #1 right-hand-man, Aaron Kaufman, are starting the season off right: taking a break and getting ready for the … Read more

MISFIT GARAGE, Discovery Channel

‘Misfit Garage’ Readies for Barrett-Jackson Tonight; Can the Galaxie Pull in Big-Dollar Buyers?

UPDATED: Recap this episode here on TVRuckus! It’s an all-new Motor Monday tonight on Discovery Channel, and fans will be looking forward to an all-new lineup at Fired Up Garage tonight, as well, with last week’s “Misfit Garage” surprise loss of a founding partner. Fans, including us, are likely still reeling from last week’s Season … Read more

FAT N' FURIOUS: ROLLING THUNDER. Discovery Channel. Christmas Auto.

Christmas (Auto) Has Arrived Tonight on Motor Mondays with Return of ‘Fat N’ Furious’!

Tonight on Discovery Channel’s mega-popular Motor Monday, it is Christmas once again … Tommy Christmas, that is! Tommy and the Christmas Auto team are back tonight, restoring neglected old muscle cars and returning them to working order–and better. Tonight, it’s back to the drag strip on an all-new episode of “Fat N’ Furious: Rolling Thunder.” … Read more

STREET OUTLAWS, Discovery Channel. Season Premiere.

Tonight ‘Street Outlaws’ Returns to the 405 on Discovery Motor Monday; Meet the Shark Pool!

UPDATED: Who fell off The List on the Season Premiere? Read the Recap! It’s a new day in the 405 tonight, when “Street Outlaws” returns to Discovery Channel Motor Mondays. Fans of the franchise will no doubt be dug-in for the return of their favorite team of racers, after just ending the season with the … Read more