Pauline on "My 600 Lb. Life"

‘My 600 Lb. Life’ Updates Pauline’s Story on ‘Where Are They Now?” Has She Freed Her Son?

“My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?” handles the story of one of the show’s most divisive patients. Pauline, who was totally dependent on her son Dillon, needy and oblivious to how she acted towards him, is back for an update. We met Pauline when she reached almost 700 lbs. at the age of … Read more

Younan Nowzaradan, MD, "My 600 Lb. Life"

Joe’s Story on ‘My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?’

“My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?” presents the story of Joe, Wednesday night May 24 on TLC. Joe was so large when he first met Dr. Nowzaradan, that he had almost 200 lbs. to lose before he hit the 650 lbs. mark, and qualify for surgery. “My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They … Read more

Sean on "My 600 Lb. LIfe" befoe entering Dr. Now's weight-loss program

Sean and Brittani on ‘My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?’

Next up on the Season 5 look-back portion of “My 600 Lb. Life” are the stories of Brittani and Sean on the “Where Are They Now?” ┬áBoth patients of Dr. Nowzaradan were featured in season four, and when we left them, both had pushed through adversity to lose hundreds of pounds. One of them is … Read more

Zsalynn with her daughter on "My 600 Lb. Life"

MY 600 LB. LIFE: Zsalynn Gets 360 Body Lift on ‘Where Are They Now?’ 2016 (VIDEO)

MY 600 LB. LIFE revists Zsalynn and Olivia in the new “Where Are They Now?” and for some who are regular viewers, this will be our third look at Zsalynn and her journey from morbid obesity to health. We met her when she was 44 years-old, weighing more than 600 lbs. During Zsalynn’s first year … Read more