Pauline on "My 600 Lb. Life"

‘My 600 Lb. Life’ Updates Pauline’s Story on ‘Where Are They Now?” Has She Freed Her Son?

“My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?” handles the story of one of the show’s most divisive patients. Pauline, who was totally dependent on her son Dillon, needy and oblivious to how she acted towards him, is back for an update. We met Pauline when she reached almost 700 lbs. at the age of … Read more

Christina on "My 600 Lb. Life"

MY 600 LB. LIFE ‘Where Are They Now?’: Paula’s Got An Obese Daughter, Christina Still Hides (VIDEOS)

Tonight on MY 600 LB. LIFE “Where Are They Now?”, we meet again with Christina and Paula, two women who have reached goals they never thought possible. Christina’s a twenty-something who transformed herself, and Paula is taking the time to counsel her daughter to avoid the mistakes her mom made. When we first met Christina … Read more

MY 600 LB Life ‘Where Are They Now’? Ashley and Melissa Are In Trouble (VIDEO)

MY 600 LB Life covers the stories of Ashley and Melissa on Where Are They Now? ┬áDuring Ashley’s journey, she credits herself for the tremendous success she had, losing 400 lbs. after undergoing surgery from Dr. Nowzaradan in Houston. As there always are with the patients whose stories are covered in┬áMY 600 LB Life, family … Read more

MY 600 Lb. LIFE Preview Milla’s Story: Desperate Woman Needs Kids To Deny Her Junk Food (VIDEO)

MY 600 Lb. LIFE or should we say my 700 lb. life, is about Milla Clark, a mother in her late forties who has reached 700 lbs. She is bedridden and along with trying to help herself, which is almost impossible, she has five children who get no physical care from Milla. In fact, they … Read more