MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3 Finale: Will Vanessa Trust Tres, Can Sam & Neil Make It?

Two couples are left to make their decision tonight on the season three finale of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. Vanessa and Tres as well as Sam and Neil are on the hot seats, sitting opposite the show’s experts who put them together for this experiment. ¬†Finale recap, here.¬† Last week, one couple went down in … Read more

David and Ashley, "Married at First Sight"

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Recap: Neil & Sam Shocker, David & Ashley Doomed Or Trying?

Who saw this coming on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT? In the episode titled “Last Chance For Romance”, we saw what might be the biggest turnaround of the season, or any season of the show. Neil and Sam As the title of the episode indicates, this was supposed to be the last chance saloon for the … Read more

Samantha and Neil Bowlus at their wedding "Married at First Sight" Season 3

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3: Sam Only Ends Cruelty When Neil ‘Saved My Life’

Samantha and Neil spent the most recent MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT episode “Honeymoon” in awkward, sometimes painful conversation. Awkward for Neil, painful for us. We all understand sarcasm, but when it’s used to discuss someone’s manhood, it can be hurtful and cruel. In this viewer’s opinion, Sam crossed a line when describing what she needs … Read more

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3 Premiere: Who Is The Best Match So Far?

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3 kicked off last night and we saw the four experts pick six people to match. Three couples are about to say “I do” when the show resturns next week. Anyone feel one way or the other about the matches made? David and Ashley So far David looks like a … Read more