LONE STAR LAW, Animal Planet.

‘Lone Star Law’ Video Exclusive: Game Wardens Launch Secret Weapon & Go Hunting for Deer Poachers Tonight!

Tonight on Animal Planet, fans of “Lone Star Law” can expect the game wardens to be out–with some unexpected reinforcements. Most people are likely aware that hunting at night is a no-no for many species; deer hunters are undoubtedly aware that “spotlighting,” or shining a light into a deer’s eyes and causing it to freeze … Read more

NORTH WOODS LAW, Animal Planet

‘North Woods Law’: A Suspicious Moose Shooting Brings in Warden Pelkey & His K9 Tonight!

Tonight on Animal Planet, “North Woods Law” has a new dilemma or two–or three–on the wardens’ hands up in Maine. With a new season going in full-force, no doubt justice will continue to be busily served tonight as the Maine Warden Service is back on patrol throughout the 18 million acres of rugged woods of … Read more

Monster Week 2016. Jeremy Wade, "River Monsters."

‘Monster Week 2016’ Bringing Year 5 To Animal Planet Beginning May 26! (Video)

UPDATED: Counting down to “Monster Week”! “Monster Week” is on the horizon on Animal Planet, returning for a fifth year of shocking stories featuring dangerous reptiles, lions on the loose and bone-chilling 9-1-1 animal attack calls. This year, “Monster Week” will offer viewers 11 all-new specials, which will span the globe and feature some of … Read more

Ice Lake Rebels, Animal Planet

ICE LAKE REBELS Headlines ‘World Premiere Sunday’ On Animal Planet Tonight!

It’s an evening of World Premieres tonight on Animal Planet, with RUGGED JUSTICE, NORTH WOODS LAW, and fan-favorite hit ICE LAKE REBELS, all lining up for a Sunday night of outdoor living. Tonight, Animal Planet fans will go behind the scenes on some of their favorite shows, and hear from the people who make Sunday … Read more