GREY’S ANATOMY: Legs On, Legs Off For Arizona and Callie

Finally, a real life solution to the no-sex rule among the unmarried staff was found on last night’s GREY’S ANATOMY. Unfortunately, the episode titled, “Throwing It All Away” was almost complete before some HR exec at the hospital gave Dr. Grey a copy of a what she called a Love Contract. Meredith showed it to … Read more

DROP DEAD DIVA Fans: It’s Over For Good This Time

This will be the final season for DROP DEAD DIVA on Lifetime. The network made its announcement today as the show gears up for its final season premiere on March 23. Its popularity doesn’t explain the decision.  It has been reported that its average viewership for season 5 was 2 million viewers. DROP DEAD DIVA … Read more

DROP DEAD DIVA: Jane Gives In To Stacy, But Is It Right?

Jane let Stacy off the hook and it looks like we’re off to the races on DROP DEAD DIVA. Stacy and Owen have Jane’s blessing to see where the feelings take them, which might just be all the way to the altar. The two friends looked so awkward back on the coach watching a flick … Read more

DROP DEAD DIVA: It’s Official, Jane and Stacy Split Over Owen

Stacy walked out with a small suitcase, closed the door and left Jane trembling during an explosive DROP DEAD DIVA. The Lifetime drama has presented situations in the past that brought about squabbles between the two best friends. Remember when Jane was reluctant to invest in The Pakery? This is gut level, emotional and potentially … Read more

Drop Dead Diva: Stacy and Owen – Who Saw That Coming?

DROP DEAD DIVA returned last night for its first autumn run and what a return it was. Grayson and Jane Fans of the show know this routine well. When Jane is after Grayson he is either involved elsewhere or clueless about why he has special feelings for her. When Grayson was stepping up to to … Read more