Chef Phillip Frankland Lee on "Top Chef: California"

TOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA Recap, Who Took The Fall For ‘Bad Food’ at Restaurant Wars, Part 2?

In “Restaurant Wars, Part 2” Tom and the judges got fed some of the worst food prepared this season on TOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA. Fortunately for us, we lost one of the biggest antagonists and malcontents of the season. It’s not that the judges had no reason to rid us of the whining, self-centered Cheftestant before … Read more

Padma Lakshmi of "Top Chef"

TOP CHEF Casting for Season 14: Think You Have What It Takes To Impress Padma and Tom?

Bravo announced it renewed TOP CHEF for a fourteenth season and in conjunction with that, it’s holding auditions around the country. Think you have what it takes to stand opposite Padma Lakshmi and not melt from her death stare? Maybe you think that Tom Colicchio will ignore the inevitable mistakes that all Cheftestants make. If … Read more

Food porn winning dish on Top Chef: California's Quickfire Challenge

TOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA Recap, Food Porn and Beefsteak, Shoulda’ Been Simple, Right?

When you saw the judges on TOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA throw around a lamb chop that hit someone at a different table, giggle and point to each other as the culprit, you would be forgiven for thinking you moved into a different dimension. In “Where’s The Beef”, the Cheftestants were in Los Angeles for a Quickfire … Read more

Chef Jeremy Ford on "Top Chef California"

TOP CHEF CALIFORNIA Recap: Ten-Year Look Back Brings Up Memories, Good and Bad

During the “Back in the Day” episode of TOP CHEF CALIFORNIA, the Cheftestants were forced to contemplate who they were ten years ago and it took a toll on more than one of them. Back in Los Angeles, Gail Simmons and Richard Blais joined Padma and Tom at a table for ten to enjoy and … Read more

Chef Giselle "Top Chef: California"

TOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA Recap: Who Lied About Mashed Potatoes at a ‘Big Gay Wedding’?

RECAP of latest: Two eliminated in San Diego, who are they?┬áTOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA gave host Padma Lakshmi an opportunity to dress up and officiate at a group wedding in the California desert on “Big Gay Wedding”. Twenty couples gathered to be wed, along with Chef Art Smith who renewed his vows with his hubby. With … Read more