SWAMP PEOPLE: What Is the ‘Family Secret’ R.J. & Jay Paul Will Reveal Tonight?

It has not been a good season thus far for the Landry family on SWAMP PEOPLE. They have 500 tags to fill–not a small amount, to be sure–and, in a panic, Troy called in reinforcements. Will the Edgar family bring the help he needs? Last week, the Edgars filled a few tags, but it was … Read more

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SWAMP PEOPLE: Do the Landrys Really Need the Edgars to Rescue Them This Season?

Last week, the Season Premiere of SWAMP PEOPLE left a lot of viewers wondering just what was going on this season. Not only were key cast members missing, but some were out-of-place and others were acting out-of-character. Troy Landry, King of the Swamp, was definitely acting out-of-character. We’re accustomed to seeing Troy with his swagger … Read more

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SWAMP PEOPLE Recap: Fans Now Demanding of History Channel, ‘Why Is This The Final Season?’

It is the final season of SWAMP PEOPLE on History Channel and, as fans learned last night, the landscape has changed, with new hunters on the scene and series regulars making a move into new territory. Troy Landry and family are back; it would not be SWAMP PEOPLE without the Landry family. But, Troy, always … Read more