Richard Rawlings stars in new series for Discovery "Garage Rehab", premiering August 30, 2017

‘Garage Rehab’: Richard Rawlings Changes Garage Owners’ Businesses From Ground Up (VIDEO)

Updated with RECAP of premiere. Will garage owner be able to repay Richard Rawlings? Starting tonight, Wednesday August 30 on Discovery, “Garage Rehab” features the larger than life presence of Richard Rawlings as he steps out of his familiar Gas Monkey Garage and into other people’s businesses, for real. Have a garage that’s struggling? Then you’ve … Read more

FAST N' LOUD, Discovery Channel, Motor Mondays

‘Fast ‘N Loud’: Richard Goes Forward Following Barrett-Jackson Stumble with Lone Star Throwdown Deadline! (Video)

Tonight, it is Motor Monday once again on Discovery Channel, and viewers have quite the night of trucks and trikes ahead. And, once again, Richard Rawlings will be pushing head Gas Monkey mechanic Aaron Kaufman to the limit with a hard deadline on a new build. Hard to believe, no doubt, but Richard and Aaron … Read more

"Fast N Loud," Discovery Channel. Richard Rawlings.

‘Fast N Loud: Demolition Theater’ Video Preview: Will Motor Monday Lift Richard Rawlings & Friends’ Spirits on Debate Night in America?

Tonight’s the big night for political watchers everywhere, the great (or not so much–we’ll see) debate. But, Motor Monday fans can still get their Gas Monkey fix with an all-new “Fast N’ Loud: Demolition Theater.” The two “major party” candidates may not be there, but Gas Monkey-in-Chief Richard Rawlings certainly will be. There’s never a … Read more

FAST N' LOUD, Discovery Channel. Richard Rawlings & Aaron Kaufman.

‘Fast N’ Loud’ Hittin’ the Gas on Labor Day: Season Premiere Tonight on Discovery Channel Motor Monday! (Video Sneak Peek)

Alright, “Fast N’ Loud’ fans–and who isn’t?–tonight’s the night: Season Premiere on Discovery Channel! So, when you get off the lake after taking in some Labor Day fun, and are soaking that sunburn, chill in front of the TV and catch some all-new Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman on Motor Monday. As fans are well … Read more

FAST N' LOUD, Discovery Channel. Richard Rawlings & Aaron Kaufman.

‘Fast N’ Loud’ Pre-Season Kick-Off: Richard & Aaron Hit the Beach Tonight with Fan Questions Plus Epic Wins & Fails; GYSOT! (Video)

Tonight, Motor Mondays fans are getting ready for a night of sun and fun, because one of their favorite shows is roaring back to Discovery Channel–from the beach! Richard Rawlings, owner of Gas Monkey Garage, and his #1 right-hand-man, Aaron Kaufman, are starting the season off right: taking a break and getting ready for the … Read more