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‘Sister Wives’ Joy? Can Hard Feelings of Recent Betrayals Be Set Aside for the Arrival of Baby Sister Brown Tonight?

It has been a hard few months for the Kody Brown family of TLC hit series “Sister Wives.” But, tonight they will have something to celebrate, when a new Brown baby girl blessing arrives to join the family. Of course, already being a Brown, the baby is liable to bring a little chaos into the … Read more

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SISTER WIVES Video Preview: With Adoption of Robyn’s Kids Final the Browns Can Party Tonight!

Fans of the Kody Brown family on TLC hit series SISTER WIVES no doubt cheered with them last week when a judge finally granted the adoption they had been seeking. Typically, as the Browns stressed over and over, polygamist families do not win adoption cases. This time, however, they did. In this case, it was … Read more

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SISTER WIVES: Madison Announces Her Intention to Marry Caleb Brush to the Brown Family!

It has been a long haul for the Browns since Meri decided to divorce Kody so he could marry Robyn legally and pursue the adoption of her three children into the Brown family. Last night on SISTER WIVES, they were right on the edge of success–with only a judge standing in the way. Polygamists just … Read more

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SISTER WIVES Recap: Robyn Nervously Approaches Family with News She Is Pregnant Again

Again and again, fans are reminded how Meri divorced Kody for the good of the family–and Robyn. This week, fans finally got to see the results of that generous act in action, when the paperwork went into the court system for the final step of the adoption: yea or nay from a judge. As Christine … Read more

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Exclusive SISTER WIVES Video Preview: Will a Judge Block Kody’s Adoption of Robyn’s Kids?

UPDATED: Recap this episode! Tonight on TLC mega-hit series SISTER WIVES, the Brown family is ready to celebrate the formal adoption of Robyn’s children into the Brown family structure–but is a judge ready to let them move forward? Everyone who has been watching this series for any length of time knows what a big deal … Read more