Finding Bigfoot team heads to Louisiana Bayou on Animal Planet.

FINDING BIGFOOT: Will Sasquatch Appear Among Gators & Gumbo of Louisiana Tonight?

Tonight on Animal Planet, the FINDING BIGFOOT team continues its quest for irrefutable proof of crypto-species Sasquatch. Will Louisiana hold the key to the mystery? Many of us may think of Louisiana as the home of gators and gumbo more so than Bigfoot. However, when you think about it, what better cover for a species … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT goes to South Carolina. Animal Planet.

FINDING BIGFOOT: Will South Carolina Be a Hidden Gem of Sasquatch Activity?

UPDATED: Ranae Gets into the Bigfoot Excitement; Read the Recap! This season, the FINDING BIGFOOT team on Discovery Channel is kicking it up a notch, in hopes of finding the evidence they need to bring Bigfoot to the world. That means going to places that may not be the accepted Bigfoot “hot spots,” and this … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT Team, Myakka State Park in Florida, Animal Planet

FINDING BIGFOOT Recap: Witness Accounts Lacking at Myakka River Hunt

Well, if there are skunk apes, i.e. Sasquatches, hiding themselves in Myakka River State Park in Florida, the FINDING BIGFOOT team on the hit Animal Planet series did not uncover them last night. Longtime fans will not be surprised about this, of course–and probably long ago stopped watching expecting to actually find a bigfoot. And, … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT: Suspected Squatch Spotted Near Myakka River in FL!

UPDATED:  Myakka River Sasquatch still a mystery; read the recap! Fans of Animal Planet’s squatchy hit series FINDING BIGFOOT should be back in the groove of the hunt after a 2-hour Season Premiere last week. Tonight, on an all-new episode, fans can get ready to travel to the Sunshine State with the FINDING BIGFOOT team. … Read more

Finding Bigfoot, Season Premiere, Mapinguari, Ranae Holland

Recap FINDING BIGFOOT: Guide Dudu Keeps Team Safe but Unable to Flush Out Elusive Mapinguari

FINDING BIGFOOT returned to Animal Planet last night with an all-new season. In a 2-hour Season Premiere, Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman and field biologist Ranae Holland traipsed around the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, looking for the area’s mythical Mapinguari. It sounded like a long-shot–a … Read more