Finding Bigfoot, Season Premiere, Animal Planet

FINDING BIGFOOT Season Premiere: Will Canada or U.S. Prove to Be More Squatchy in New Season?

The New Year is fast approaching, and TV fans are beginning to wonder when some of their favorite shows will be returning in 2016. One clue to those shows soon to be revived is the number of marathons that have been airing during the holiday weekend, getting viewers primed for new episodes soon to follow. … Read more

CEDAR COVE returns in Season Premiere, 'Hello, Again' on Hallmark Channel. Andie MacDowell.

CEDAR COVE Season 3 Premieres on Hallmark Channel Tonight as Jack & Olivia Search for Forgiveness (Video)

Tonight is the night Hallmark Channel fans have been waiting for: the Season Three premiere of hit series Debbie Macomber’s CEDAR COVE. CEDAR COVE is based on the best-selling series of novels by #1 New York Times best-selling author Debbie Macomber. Season Three returns tonight, and viewers will be taken back to the majestic and … Read more

Deadliest Catch, Season 11

DEADLIEST CATCH Season Premiere Tonight: Preview Videos of ‘Northwestern’ & ‘Wizard’!

Today is the day Discovery Channel viewers have been waiting for:  the Season 11 Premiere of DEADLIEST CATCH, and the return of fans’ favorite–and some not-so-favorite–captains and deckhands. It is hard to believe that this reality show–one of the few that could more accurately be called a “docu-drama,” we’ll concede–has been running for 11 seasons! … Read more

SOUTH BEACH TOW: Explosive Season Premiere Sets Tone for New ‘Tremont’ Partnership

SOUTH BEACH TOW came back for a new season as only SOUTH BEACH TOW could, with enraged body builders, food trucks, mermaids and explosions. Classic SBT, even if Tremont Towing is missing in action. Christie created an alliance with Perez, and the new company is still looking for a name–“rebranding,” they call it. In fact, … Read more

NEXT GREAT BAKER Season Premiere: Jersey Boys Deserve Title ‘CakeDashians’

NEXT GREAT BAKER hosted by Buddy Valastro premiered the new season last night on TLC with a new format of team competition. In a two-hour season debut we got to know the 10 two-person teams and watched them step up or implode before one team was eliminated. As is typical of competitions shows like NEXT … Read more