Giuliana Fears Pink and Duke Tubing On ‘Giuliana & Bill’

The latest episode of Giuliana & Bill teetered on the edge of hysteria, both in Giuliana Rancic’s personal and professional life. Big risks and fears were the themes of “One Tough Tot” and among them were G’s uncertainty about her designing skills, as she approached her hosting duties for the Miss USA pageant in Las … Read more

Giuliana & Bill Preview: Roller Coaster Anyone? (VIDEO)

On tonight’s new episode of Giuliana & Bill entitled “One Tough Tot”, Bill convinces G to confront her fear of heights, straight on. Giuliana Rancic is not alone in her fear. It is estimated that millions of Americans suffer from acrophobia, the formal name for fear of heights. It is quite different from a more … Read more

Bill Burns Mother’s Day Dinner on ‘Giuliana & Bill’

Giuliana & Bill gave us a great look at how the busy working-celeb parents handle their day-to-day business, including disagreements about who is messier and who can’t cook. In an episode that celebrated Mother’s Day, G was ridiculously nervous about Bill making it a special day for her. What was beautiful to see was that … Read more

Giuliana Rancic: ‘I’m a Collector, Not a Hoarder’ Tonight on Giuliana & Bill

You’ve got to love Giuliana and Bill Rancic for having the sweetest reality show on TV. Tonight’s episode on Style Network, entitled “G’s First Mother’s Day” has another theme besides Bill making his wife’s big day a great one. We’ve watched all the firsts for the Rancics and baby Duke. We saw the baby’s six-month … Read more

Giuliana Rancic Cool With Seeking Advice About Motherhood

On the latest  Giuliana & Bill on Style Network, we watched Giuliana struggle like most, if not all, new working mothers. Even without watching her journey into motherhood, Giuliana Rancic is a celebrity that average folks relate to. She projects a normalcy that isn’t true of many. Facing a dilemma, she took advice from her … Read more