Bob Harte in his cabin on "The Last Alaskans"

Fan Tributes To Bob Harte Reveal Spiritual and Heartfelt Connection To Deceased Star of “The Last Alaskans”

Discovery Communications announced the news of Bob Harte’s passing that we knew was coming, but never wanted to hear. The stalwart frontier man, who loved his refuge in Alaska shared with us on “The Last Alaskans” has died. The network’s short statement, posted on the show’s Facebook page follows: “It is with a heavy heart … Read more

Korth family in the Arctic Refuge, Alaska on "The Last Alaskans"

‘The Last Alaskans’: Sun Returns To Refuge and Edna Korth Gets Birthday Surprise!

“The Last Alaskans” presented the episode, “The Great Unknown”, as season three winds down on Discovery. If you thought the camera work has been good thus far, it was nothing compared to what we saw last night. Total darkness ended in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The sunlight returned and we got to see it … Read more

Charlie Jagow on "The Last Alaskans" flying his plane to his trapline

‘The Last Alaskans’: Trapping Season Threatened, Charlie Jagow Takes To the Air

Winter has set in and it was trapping season on the most recent episode of “The Last Alaskans”. Titled “Pray For Snow”, it’s not difficult to determine the topic covered. With only three-four inches of snow thus far, trapping season has become difficult for everyone in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. Edna and Heimo Korth are … Read more

Heimo Korth on Season 3 "The Last Alaskans"

‘The Last Alaskans’ Recap: Bob Harte Nails Cabin Door Shut As He Leaves Refuge

“The Last Alaskans” continued its season three on Discovery Channel with beautiful family bonding moments and a scene that ended an era. In the episode titled “Legacy in Danger”, one person nailed his door shut then got on a plane to leave the refuge. Bob Harte spoke eloquently about his decision, carrying traps that he … Read more

Bob Harte in his cabin on "The Last Alaskans"

‘The Last Alaskans’: Healthier Bob Harte Returns, Finds Evidence of Cabin Intruder

“The Last Alaskans” provided what fans have waited for during the episode, “A Taste of Freedom” . Bob Harte returned to the refuge after thinking he might never see his cabin again. We got some scenes from last season when he made the decision, and you could see how much better he looks. In addition … Read more