Marcus Lemonis at Zoe's Chocolate on CNBC's "The Profit"

‘The Profit’ at Zoe’s Chocolate, Co: Marcus Lemonis Knows Family Stories Key To Brand Turnaround

“The Profit” paid a visit to Zoe’s Chocolate, Co. in Pennsylvania, a family run business with a bleak outlook. The product was stellar, produced with love and care, but the operation suffered from lack of marketing imagination, brand extension and a total lack of business process. The business was created by three loving kids, Pantelis, … Read more

Marcus Lemonis on "The Profit"

‘The Profit’ at Overtone Acoustics: Marcus Lemonis’ Hard Rock Connection Saves Sound Panel Company (VIDEO)

Marcus Lemonis had a fit shortly before the conclusion of the latest episode of “The Profit”. The CNBC series focused on a two-person business of a novel sort. Overtone Acoustics was 100% owned by Brad ¬†whose product was unique and ultimately meshed nicely with another company we got to know on “The Profit”. The moments … Read more

Marcus Lemonis, on "The Profit"

THE PROFIT Preview: Marcus Checks In With Shuler’s BBQ, SJC Drums and More

Tonight on CNBC’s THE PROFIT, in an episode titled “Progress Report”, Marcus Lemonis returns to four companies that he changed with his investments. All of them are struggling in their own ways, some from personal strain, family squabbles or business that’s slowed. Catch video sneak peek of season 4’s latest: Marcus at Murchison-Hume, butts heads … Read more

Marcus Lemonis

THE PROFIT Update: Marcus Returns To Mr. Green Tea, It’s Not Pretty (VIDEO)

THE PROFIT takes more than a look back at Mr. Green Tea, one of the more successful investments made by Marcus Lemonis on the show. Lemonis invested $600,000 for 35% of the stock and says that in the 2 years+ he’s been involved with the gourmet ice cream company, sales have gone up 100%. So … Read more

Marcus Lemonis at Farmgirl Flowers on "The Profit"

THE PROFIT at Farmgirl Flowers UPDATE: Do Investors Balk at Woman-Owned Business? (VIDEO)

Marcus Lemonis visits the San Francisco tech company boom territory as THE PROFIT focuses on a business that is decidedly old-school. Farmgirl Flowers doesn’t sell virtual flowers, it sells fresh flowers. Founder Christina Stembel may be the first entrepreneur on THE PROFIT that is following the start-up model of Silicon Valley. Her aim is to … Read more