Tracy and Scott on TLC's "The Spouse House"

‘The Spouse House’ Finale Preview: Will Scott Man Up And Join Proposal Parade With Tracy?

UPDATED: Recap posted. How many ways can you spell jerk ( Scott) ?  “The Spouse House” ends its inaugural season Sunday night September 3 on TLC, and we’re expecting engagement ring fever. In the sneak peek scenes of the episode we saw multiple ring boxes in the hands of men who got up off their … Read more

Tracy and Scott on TLC's "The Spouse House"

‘The Spouse House’ Preview: Tracy and Scott’s Decision Could Send People Home

UPDATED: Preview of finale: will Scott man-up after mom’s disapproval?  Recap of the episode posted! Sheesh, the comings & goings were never-ending! “The Spouse House” will welcome new singles to shake things up, maybe even more than you’d expect. It’s part of what makes the show unique and keeps the excitement level up. Without hard … Read more

Kelli Jo on TLC's "The Spouse House"

‘The Spouse House’ Ep. 6 Recap: Missy Escaped, Kelli Jo Was Humiliated

UPDATE: Recap latest. Who caught bouquet at KJ’s wedding? She’s about to get dumped! “The Spouse House” episode six, began during an engagement ceremony at the house, and most participants thought someone was going to propose. Missy and Chris were in the midst of explaining the stumbling block to moving forward, and it didn’t take … Read more

Chris on "The Spouse House", TLC on Sundays at 10

‘The Spouse House’ Ep. 6 Preview: Are We Ready For First Proposal By a Woman?

UPDATE: Recap the episode, Missy escapes, Kelli Jo humiliated “The Spouse House” airs a big episode on Sunday night August 13 on TLC. In “Ride or Die”, we should know the answer to the question of whether or not Chris and Missy will continue as a couple. When we last left them, it was put … Read more

Sports medicine doctor Missy on TLC's "The Spouse House"

‘The Spouse House’ RECAP Ep. 5: Will Missy Dump Chris Over Vaccination Differences?

PREVIEW next episode. It’s put up or shut up for Missy & Chris. Is he all that? “The Spouse House” was one big swinging door in the episode, “Make or Break” and decisions were made that were highly questionable, to say the least. We were in post-wedding mode, but there was no time to relax. … Read more