LOVE IN PARADISE, Hallmark Channel. Photo: Luke Perry. Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

LOVE IN PARADISE: Tonight Luke Perry Kicks Off Hallmark Channel’s January ‘Winterfest’ of Original Movies! (Video Preview)

Tonight on Hallmark Channel, following a great run of holiday programming, the network continues to provide viewers with seasonal programming with its inaugural “Winterfest” event, featuring Hallmark World Premiere Original Movies every Saturday in January 2016. Tonight the romance of the New Year begins with LOVE IN PARADISE, starring Luke Perry and Emmanuelle Vaugier. Avery … Read more

CEDAR COVE, Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal , Hallmark Channel

CEDAR COVE: Will Buck Prove to Be the Master Saget of Manipulation Tonight? (Video Preview)

Last week, fans–and Olivia–were shocked when her brother, Will, moved into her home, saying that his sale to Warren had left him homeless. Tonight, she is ready to have him get out of her space; but will he go? And, speaking of going … will Jack’s decision tonight move Jeri out of the boss’s chair … Read more