MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT: Did You See Sam and Ashley’s New Looks On ‘Six Months Later’?

The ladies stepped up their game on the ‘Six Months Later’ special to end MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3. Who didn’t look at Sam and Ashley as they stepped on the set with Dr. Pepper Schwartz and wonder, “Where were they all season long?” It’s got to be a wakeup call to see what … Read more

David Norton

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Recap: Sam Calls Neil Two-Faced, David Longs For Closeness During Move-In

During “Moving In”, season three of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT got us back to Georgia and the big test of merging incomes and living spaces. Who didn’t think Sam and Neil would have the most difficulty finding common ground? Looks like they defied the odds. Now, that doesn’t mean that Sam isn’t getting loud about … Read more

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Preview: Is Vanessa Really Over Honeymoon Freakout? (VIDEO)

It’s not always about Sam and Neil this season on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. Vanessa and Tres had their own hiccups as they navigated their honeymoon week in the Caribbean. A video chat with the show’s psychologist, Dr. Joseph Cilona helped the teary and upset Vanessa wade through her fears generated by Tres’ answer to … Read more

Samantha on her wedding day, "Married At First Sight"

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Preview: Can Sam Live With Neil and Will David Sleep Alone First Night Home?

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3 continues Tuesday night December 29th with “Moving In”, so we know the honeymoons are over. But, we knew that already when Sam and Neil went through their first argument and it got ugly. On the tether ball court Neil fought back against insults about his manhood and his way … Read more

Samantha and Neil Bowlus at their wedding "Married at First Sight" Season 3

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3: Sam Only Ends Cruelty When Neil ‘Saved My Life’

Samantha and Neil spent the most recent MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT episode “Honeymoon” in awkward, sometimes painful conversation. Awkward for Neil, painful for us. We all understand sarcasm, but when it’s used to discuss someone’s manhood, it can be hurtful and cruel. In this viewer’s opinion, Sam crossed a line when describing what she needs … Read more