Tamar Braxton on "Tamar & Vince"

TAMAR & VINCE Season Finale Preview: Another ER Visit Tonight, Who Is It This Time? (VIDEO)

Tonight on the season finale of TAMAR & VINCE the family is back at the hospital and it’s yet another emergency trip. In “If I Don’t Have You”, we pick up the action after Tamar and Vince spent time with Evelyn at her home in Atlanta. Momma Braxton had left Los Angeles to reacquaint herself … Read more

Tamar Braxton, "Tamar & Vince" on WE tv

TAMAR & VINCE Exclusive: Spa Day at Tamar’s House For Braxton Sisters and Mom (VIDEO)

TAMAR & VINCE finally leaves behind the scenes at the hospital that have dominated the last few episodes. Now it’s time for the Braxton family to reunite at Tamar’s for sister bonding time. Last week we watched at Toni advised Tamar about how to change her life so she never again gets that close to … Read more

Tamar Braxton on Tamar & Vince

TAMAR & VINCE ‘Catfish’ Recap: Jealous Tamar Warned To Rest Up, Just Before Collapse

TAMAR & VINCE is rolling on towards the ultimate moment of the season. In the episode, “Catfish”, Tamar continued her manic push through all her projects and ended the show on her couch, unable to get up. But, believe it or not, there is still more to come before she is rushed to the hospital … Read more

Vince Herbert, hubby of Tamar Braxton on "Tamar and Vince"

TAMAR AND VINCE Recap: Did Vince Not See Breakdown Coming? (VIDEO)

This season four of TAMAR AND VINCE is something extremely different from others and the most recent episode, “It’s a Jungle Out There,” is a perfect example of that. Each episode begins with the real life trauma of November 2015 when Tamar landed in the hospital. It then rolls back weeks to watch how she … Read more

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert

TAMAR & VINCE Season 4 Ep. 2 Preview: Who’s To Blame For Tamar’s Over Scheduling? (VIDEOS)

It’s time for finger-pointing and recriminations tonight on the new episode of TAMAR & VINCE. Its title “Double-Booked To Capacity” is more than a hint about the main topic. In last week’s season 4 premiere, we began to see how Tamar’s emergency hospitalization was a direct result of her many projects and her need to … Read more